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You've probably heard that there are non-dioptric coloured contact lenses on the market. Why should you be interested in this product? Which one of us can say he doesn't want to look as good as he can? We all strive for a perfect look and are happy to get our hands on some accessories that can help us. These can be fashionable clothes that know how to cover the small bumps on our figures or fashionable shoes that underline our slender contours. Ladies choose fancy make-up or jewellery. But how do we know what to do in situations where we want to add depth to our look?

Colored contact lenses - non-dioptric

The eyes are the window to the soul and beautiful, wide eyes are a dream that many of us have. Accentuating the eyes with the help of makeup is the realm of women, but emphasizing or even changing the eye color is something that any of us can do. There is a whole range of coloured contact lenses available on the market that can change the colour of blurred eyes for at least a while.

The younger generation, in particular, has fallen in love with non-dioptrically coloured glasses. The exchange of many images and social media has definitely played its part in promoting this popularity. These glasses give the face a more interesting expression in pictures. Popular coloured glasses also include glasses with a less conventional design. Geometric shapes or eyes like a hero from a sci-fi movie are interesting accessories for parties or as part of a costume. In the following article, we will focus on Focus on what non-dioptric tinted contact lenses can do for you and how to choose the product that best suits you.

What does wearing colored lenses do?

On the market of lenses intended for daily use, you will find a whole line of products. Look forward to the affordable price of crazy, colored contact lenses. But of course, it is necessary to remove and store the lenses before going to bed. Do not expect 100% coverage of your original eye colour when wearing these coloured lenses. Above all, they have a pronounced tone along the edges so as not to impair the field of vision. The lenses only cover part of the very dark eyes, regardless of which brand you choose. They are best suited for people with lightly coloured iris diaphragms. Coloured spectacle lenses give the face a sensual appearance because they are not only able to illustrate and tighten the eyes, but also to enlarge the eyes.

Non-dioptric, color lenses are the first choice if you want perfect results of your portrait shots, a perfect first impression at work or a personal conversation, or if you want to be interesting at a party. Although, before buying, be sure to consult your ophthalmologist and allow him to measure the curvature and diameter of your eyes to make sure you make the right choice.

Best colored contact lenses – non-dioptric

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ColourVUE Big Eyes (2 lenses) – not dioptricColourVUE Big Eyes


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FreshLook ColorBlends (2 lenses) – not dioptricFreshLook ColorBlends


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ColourVUE Glamour (2 lenses) – not dioptricColourVUE Glamour


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ColourVUE Crazy Lens (2 lenses) – not dioptricColourVUE Crazy Lens


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SofLens Natural Colors (2 lenses) – not dioptricSofLens Natural Colors


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Non-dioptric, colored glasses are offered in a variety of price ranges.

ColourVUE Big Eyes - review

ColourVUE Big Eyes Non-dioptric, colored lenses REVIEW

ColourVUE Big Eyes (2 lenses) – not dioptric
For those looking for a good balance of price and quality, the coloured contact lenses, ColourVUE Big Eyes, are right for you. They come at a very modest price and other than only having three shades (Angle Hazel, Sweet Honey, Lovely Grey), you can wear them all day for a period of three months. You can expect to have your eyes highlighted and beautifully toned, as well as having your irises enlarged by these contact lenses. These lenses are good for those who have a lighter eye colour. Those people can expect a complete change in their eye colour.

If you have darker eyes, coloured lenses will both tone and enlarge your eyes. Unfortunately, you cannot expect a complete change in colour. Blue lenses on brown eyes change only the edges and middle parts, around the pupil, of your eyes. Your brown colour will remain visible. These lenses are easy to put on and you can choose from three different colours. They only come in one curvature size. Sensitive eyes could become irritated after all-day use.

The non-dioptric, coloured lenses, ColourVUE Big Eyes, come with quality design and good oxygen permeability. The colours come off as nature on the eye. The purple shade, Ultra Violet, is only apparent on light coloured eyes and during the day. In places with bad lighting or at night, these lenses are actually darker, from grey to black.

MaterialHydrogel Terpolymer
UV filterNo
Permeability22 Dk/t
Diameter14.0, 14.5, 15.0
Center thickness0.06 mm
Weight37 g

7 reasons to buy ColourVUE Big Eyes:

  • 9 coloured designs,
  • Natural colours (except ultraviolet),
  • very attractive price,
  • 6 models from the collection can be worn daily for three months,
  • the coloration is not in contact with the iris,
  • good coverage for lighter eye colours,
  • available in 3 different diameters sizes.

3 reasons not to buy ColourVUE Big Eyes:

  • contain 45% water,
  • Sensitive eyes may be irritated after daily use,
  • darker eyes are not completely covered, the blue color on brown iris diaphragms leaves the brown color around the pupil visible.

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FreshLook ColorBlends - review

FreshLook ColorBlends Non-dioptric, colored lenses REVIEW

FreshLook ColorBlends (2 lenses) – not dioptric

The coloured glasses, FreshLook ColorBlends, will inspire those who want to achieve a new iris diaphragm with the help of the glasses. These lenses are three-layered in colour, so they cover even the darkest eyes well. However, some colours leave a rather unnatural impression. There are twelve shades to choose from and the lenses are designed for use for one month. They are more expensive but equipped with a UV filter and high water content. This makes the lenses very comfortable to wear and does not burn the eyes. Compared to other lenses, FreshLook ColorBlends weigh less, which can be good for those with very sensitive eyes. It is easy to tint them blue so that they are clearly visible. Tinted glasses do not limit your transparency or even change it. Unfortunately, the higher price does not mean that you can wear these glasses all. to each, It is necessary to take them out and store them in their sheath with the solution.

These lenses do not completely cover the original eye color around the entire iris. For example, if you wear blue lenses on your brown eyes, the brown color will glow closely around the centre of your pupils. Otherwise, the coverage around the other parts of the eye is very good. Your eyes will be alive and colorful. They are only available in one diameter size. This means that it will be more difficult for users with smaller eye slits to put on the lenses and your eyes will run out as unnaturally large.

Parameters of coloured lenses, FreshLook ColorBlends

MaterialPhemfilcon A
UV filterYes
Permeability20 Dk/t
Center thickness0.08 mm
Weight36 g

9 reasons to buy FreshLook ColorBlends:

  • a selection of twelve different colours,
  • UV filter, comfortable to wear,
  • high water content,
  • Colouring for handling,
  • the lenses are visible in their solution,
  • good coverage, also for darker iris colours,
  • they won't scratch your eyes, and they're a good fit,
  • they are a good choice, even if you end up wanting a different eye color than your own,
  • Lower weight.

3 reasons not to buy FreshLook ColorBlends:

  • only one diameter size is offered,
  • clear colors that don't look so natural,
  • more difficult to use for people with smaller eye slits.

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ColourVUE Glamour - review

ColourVUE Glamour coloured lenses REVIEW

ColourVUE Glamour (2 lenses) – not dioptric

Contact lenses that you can wear for three months if you wear them every day and all day. The lenses can last up to half a year if you only use them occasionally. They are made of a high-quality material that allows good oxygen permeability. You can choose from six shades that look very natural. Brighter eyes are well covered and look very colorful. Darker eyes are covered along the edges and the original color of your eye is visible in the centre.

The glamour marking means that the lenses are accessories with a dark line around the edge. Your eyes will look very prominent and much bigger. The violet tone is rather a dark grey in poor lighting.

These glasses are not available in different diameter sizes and you cannot sleep while wearing them. They are intended for accentuating and colouring your eyes. They have no UV filter and are completely transparent. That makes it difficult to find her in her case.

These contact lenses are sold at a lower price, they are easy to use and require no care. The colors are very rich. Those who have sensitive eyes can burn easily all day long after wearing these lenses.

Parameters of colored glasses, ColourVUE Glamour

MaterialHydrogel Terpolymer
UV filterNo
Permeability22 Dk/t
Center thickness0.06 mm
Weight37 g

6 reasons to buy ColourVUE Glamour:

  • of course with very strong colors,
  • well defined edges that make the eyes appear larger,
  • lower selling price,
  • four-year exchange,
  • The lenses last up to half a year if used only occasionally,
  • high oxygen permeability,
  • brighter eyes are very well covered.

2 reasons not to buy ColourVUE Glamour:

  • small choice of colours,
  • The violet tone does not always have a violet color, as can be seen in the picture of the manufacturer.

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ColourVUE Crazy Lens - review

ColourVUE Crazy lens Colored lenses REVIEW

ColourVUE Crazy Lens (2 lenses) – not dioptric

You can most likely only wear this accessory on New Year, Halloween or other parties. They come in four incredible shades. You can really choose some crazy appearances with textures, images and geometric shapes. You can have eyes like a Barbie doll, a zombie or like the creatures in Avatar. They cover the eye perfectly, so they won't bother you as a party accessory if your original eye colour shines through around the pupil. The crazier, the better. Even a normal, boring costume is immediately changed by the impressive look of your eyes.

They are pleasant to wear and do not scratch the eyes. A disadvantage, however, is the high purchase price. At first glance, it doesn't seem like that contact lenses cost the same or even less than their competing models. The problem with this is that you only wear these lenses maybe twice a year. Storage of these lenses for later use is a risk as the lenses may begin to irritate your eyes. Even though they are designed to last up to 3 months in daily use, none of us would want eyes as dollar signs or the British flag every day. This makes the purchase price quite expensive as you cannot use these lenses often. And to increase the already relatively high price even further, you also have to calculate the costs for a case and a solution. Even if you use the solution only once, you are still forced to buy the entire bottle.

These lenses have good oxygen permeability but are only available in one diameter size. It'll be hard to put them on if you have smaller eyes. Light eyes are perfectly covered by these lenses, while darker tones are only well covered at the edges, as your original eye color becomes visible around your pupils. Visibility is always an important factor and these lenses hinder people with dark brown eyes.

 ColourVUE Crazy lens parameters

MaterialHydrogel Terpolymer
Water content45%
UV filterNo
Permeability22 Dk/t
Center thickness0.06 mm
Weight57 g

6 reasons to buy ColourVUE Crazy Lens:

  • a great addition to a costume,
  • fantastic choice of colours and motifs,
  • very different colors,
  • that is really interesting,
  • they are pleasant to wear and do not irritate,
  • You can even wear blue and green models every day without the textures,
  • Your eyes will glow, good oxygen permeability,

3 Reasons why you should not buy ColourVUE Crazy Lens:

  • steep price considering the fact that you will not use it every day,
  • forced to buy both the housing and the solution, the solution is not sold in a small bottle,
  • they're heavier,

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Soflens Natural Colors - review

Colored Contact Lenses SofLens Natural Colors REVIEW


The SofLens Natural Colors glasses live up to their name. The colours are rich and natural. These glasses know how to beautifully tone eyes with lighter shades. Brighter eyes shine easily through the lenses. They have high water content and low oxygen permeability. These lenses were uncomfortable to wear for many people after a short time. They are suitable to wear opportunistically for a few hours or perhaps for a party. Sensitive eyes become very irritated when these lenses are worn every day or all day long.

Coloured glasses are usually produced with a curvature of 8.6. SofLens Natural Colors are manufactured with a curvature of 8.7. This detail can be used for those users who do not want to use Glasses from other manufacturers like to mean a higher comfort. However, due to the different curvatures of these lenses, some users found that the edges of their eyes were quite obvious.

These coloured glasses are available in ten different shades, including a violet colour. They are designed so that they can be exchanged every month. at a higher purchase price. The need to change lenses monthly can end up costing more than you would expect. Although if you are really only going to wear them opportunistically, then they can last up to three months.

Parameters of coloured glasses, SofLens Natural Colors

Water content39%
UV filterNo
Permeability14 Dk/t
Curvature8.4, 8.7
Center thickness0.06 mm
ManufacturerBausch & Lomb
Weight37 g

5 reasons to buy SofLens Natural Colors:

  • large choice of colours,
  • natural colours,
  • the lenses cover well,
  • the 8.7 curvature can go down better with some people,
  • they can last up to three months if they are only worn opportunistically,

2 reasons not to buy SofLens Natural Colors:

  • Low water content and low oxygen permeability may cause inconvenience during use,
  • high selling price,

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Video review:

8.4 Curvature only while stocks last. The production is finished.

How to choose colored non-dioptric contact lenses

Most coloured contact lenses are designed so that the colours resemble the iris or eye colour as closely as possible. However, no one has a single eye color. The iris has a plethora of colored lines, shapes, and small dots in a variety of arrangements. Manufacturers have even tried to achieve this type of eye color when they have designed most of their colored contact lens models.

The centre of the lens, which sits on the pupil, is always transparent so that the lens never obscures the user's view. Your natural eye color around this part will always shine through, regardless of which color or lens manufacturer you choose.

You will come across many forms of colored contact lenses:

  • Manipulation staining. Such a coloration exists for both dioptric and non-dioptric lenses. The entire lens is toned with a soft blue or green color. It is easier to see them while they are in their solution or when they fall to the ground. In no case will the tint affect your ability to see through the contact lenses.
  • Natural colouring. Very soft glass colouring. A transparent hue that is colored in the shadow of the eye and attempts to brighten and represent the natural color of the eye. Somewhat darker than the usual manipulative staining. Colored contact lenses with this type of coloration are suitable for people with lighter colored iris diaphragms who want a more intense, accented eye color.
  • Intransparent color. A distinct hue that can completely change your natural eye color. This is the only way for people with dark eyes to change the appearance of their iris if they wish to change it.

Coloured contact lenses with an opaque colour are available in a full range of colours. Usually in hazelnut, green, blue, purple, turquoise, dark brown and grey.

Crazy glasses also belong to the category of opaque coloured contact lenses. you are sometimes even referred to as Halloween or theatre lenses. Their popularity grows with the popularity of the heroes on the big screen. You can actually buy the identical lenses used by the heroes of the Avatar or Twilight movies. Crazy glasses are available in an enormous variety of motifs and variations. The most common new models to appear in this series are those that copy current fashion trends.

With the help of crazy lenses, you can turn into a vampire, alien, zombie or even a cat for a while.

Choosing the right coloured lenses

Choosing the right coloured contact lenses depends on a number of factors, the most basic of which is the colour of your hair and skin tone. It also depends on which final result you want to achieve with the help of the lenses. Some people just want a soft color, with the same natural eye color that has just been lightened, while others want a very dramatic and courageous change.

People with bright eyes have the easiest way to choose contact lenses. You can experiment much more or just emphasize your current color. Grey or green tones match light blue eyes perfectly. This is of course only in case you only want a small colour change and the preservation of your natural appearance is important.

If you have the brightest eyes, you can even take part in a wide variety of experiments and try out completely different colours. This change of the face will be very clearly visible. Lighter eyes in combination with cooler skin tones go well with warmer tones of coloured contact lenses. Light brown, for example.

But what about dark eyes? This is somewhat more difficult and you can be sure that your final results will not match those in the advertisements of the manufacturer's agreement. Your natural eye color will always, at least, easily assert itself. The area around the pupil is clearly visible. If you have darker eyes, choose only a discreetly brightened style. For example, hazelnut or honey colour, which is usually referred to as honey brown or hazelnut.

The vibrant grey colour is a perfect match for those who are dark-skinned. But remember that these coloured glasses are intended for people who are not afraid of experiments and who completely change the appearance of their face. Light-coloured eyes such as blue, green or violet form a good contrast to dark skin.

What can help you choose the right color?

There are several ways to find out which color suits you best without having to try every type of lens.

  • An application for smartphones is specifically designed to show you how you would look in a variety of colored lenses by simply uploading a photo of yourself.
  • Photoshop is the most advanced option to get an overview of how the color of your eyes might change.
  • A taster pair with specialized vendors that allows you to try on several colored models.

When colored lenses help

Coloured contact lenses don't just have to be a fashion accessory. Their use may sometimes indicate that someone has suffered a serious accident or injury. They can also help with many different sports. Such glasses are toned for the individual and improve vision. For example, a green tone helps tennis players see the ball clearly on the court.

What to look out for when wearing colored contact lenses

The size of your pupils is constantly changing, They must adapt to indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. If you have coloured contact lenses, your eyes will always look a little different, especially when the light changes. This is because your natural eye color is more or less visible around your pupils.

It is important to remember that wearing coloured contact lenses can easily affect peripheral vision and sometimes even your overall vision. This happens when there is less light and your pupil grows, and you begin to see through the colored part of the lens.

How to orient on the technical parameters of the lenses

A visit to your ophthalmologist is also necessary if you select only a few coloured lenses. The optician will measure the diameter of your eye and its curvature, which will help you take the first steps in selecting your lenses. The ophthalmologist will also show you how to attach and remove the lenses.

The second important indicator is the sensitivity of the eyes. If you already know that your eyes are sensitive, choose lenses with high water content and good oxygen permeability. You can tell if your eyes are sensitive, if they start to water in the wind, in the sun or in sharp light. They are also quick to burn and crazy contact lenses are not suitable for really sensitive people. Your eyes may become even more sensitive during the pollen allergy period.

What you should and should not do when buying colored contact lenses:

  • Never borrow contacts from anyone else and never lend yours. No matter how much it seems like a good idea, how you can try out a variety of different shades, contact lenses are made for just one user. Contacts are very susceptible to various bacteria and eye infections.
  • Eights Siegut on your contact lenses. Daily disinfection and storage in the solution is the key to durable and comfortable lenses. Never wear your contact lenses after their expiration date. Always buy a new pair.
  • Never make contact if your eyes are tired, irritated, or suffused with blood. Long-lasting redness can be a sign of eye infection. In such a case, consult your ophthalmologist.

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