Best contact lens solution 2020 | REVIEWS AND BUYER’S GUIDE

Do you wear contact lenses and are you looking for a cheap and yet quality solution? Are you just starting out with them and don't know what kind of contact lens solution to buy? In our article, you will learn how to properly select a contact lens solution and what solutions have been best evaluated by users for 2023.
Best contact lens solution

Whether you are a beginner or you already have experience with contact lenses , you will appreciate information about other users' experience with selected solutions . We've put together a list of five top-rated solutions that help with care for contact lenses , as well as keeping your eyes healthy, moisturized, and not irritated.

Contact lenses , together with a lens solution, are in immediate contact with your eyes, therefore you should be very careful in choosing them. Not all solutions suit everyone. That's why we've reviewed a great number of comments, posts on the internet and individual reviews, resulting in a ranking of the top five contact lens solutions .

Disinfect the contact lenses, remove any dirt or grime, moisturize the lenses – these are the requirements to look for when you are choosing a lens solution. Some prefer eye drops with a long-lasting moisturizing function, others just need a solution that cleans and moisturizes their contact lenses to make them ready for use.

Best contact lens solutions

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Solunate Multi-Purpose 400 mlSolunate Multi-Purpose Solution


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ReNu MultiPlus 360 mlReNu MultiPlus 360 ml


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OPTI-FREE Express 355 mlOPTI-FREE Express 355 ml


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Solunate Multi-Purpose 400ml - Review

Solunate Multi – Purpose Solution

Solunate Multi-Purpose 400 ml
Solunate Multi – Purpose by Schalcon is a multi-purpose, contact lens solution from an Italian company. The package includes a contact lens case, which you no longer need to buy separately.

This contact lens solution is very popular among its users. It is a universal solution and it contains hyaluronic acid, making it ideal for cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses, which you can then store in the case. It also removes protein deposits very efficiently.

Suitable for all soft contact lenses, including silicone-hydrogel . You'll appreciate Solunate Multi-Purpose even if your eyes are very sensitive and dry, and if contact lenses irritate and burn your eyes when using regular solutions.

The hyaluronic acid contained in this solution binds water and thus acts as an excellent lubricant. This creates a protective film over your eye that will hydrate your eye throughout the whole day, making this solution suitable for users who suffer from dry eye syndrome.

Expiration:At least 33 months
Total volume:400 ml
Saline solution:No
Cases in a package:1
For soft lenses:Yes
For hard lenses:No
Weight:479 g
Brand:SCHALCON S.p.a
Preservatives:Polyhexamethylene Biguanide, EDTA

5 reasons to buy Solunate Multi-Purpose

  • Perfectly moisturizes and prevents dry eye
  • Contact lens case included
  • Contains hyaluronic acid to form a protective film over the eye
  • High Quality
  • Favorable price and choice of many variations with different pack sizes

Reasons NOT to buy Solunate Multi-Purpose

  • Users have not given any reasons yet

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Bausch & Lomb ReNu MultiPlus - Solution , 360ml - review

Bausch & Lomb ReNu MultiPlus – solution REVIEW

ReNu MultiPlus 360 ml
This multi-purpose solution containing Hydranate is designed for the complete care for all kinds of soft contact lenses. You can rinse and disinfect contact lenses with this solution. Your contact lenses will be well hydrated and will not dry out your eyes. This solution removes sedimented proteins and lipids contained in tears, leaving lenses clean and ready for use.

The composition of this solution also includes boric acid, which balances the disruption of the contact lenses’ pH level. Poloxamine removes external debris from cell tissues.

Thanks to the comprehensive care that this solution represents, it has quickly become a bestseller. Its competitive price is also a big plus. Many users use it on a daily basis and are very satisfied with it. Some users who have more sensitive eyes say that this solution is not the best fit for them. However, the positives outweigh the negatives in the overall review.

Expiration:At least 14 months
Total volume:360 ml
Saline solution:No
Case volume:2 x 3.9 ml
Cases in a package:1
For soft lenses:Yes
For hard lenses:No
Weight:480 g
Brand:Bausch & Lomb
Preservatives:Polyaminopropyl, Biguanide Sorbic Acid, Edetate Disodium, Poloxamine

5 Reasons to BUY Basch & Lomb ReNu MultiPlus Contact Lens Solution

  • Big Pack, Good Quality
  • The best solution based on many reviews
  • Does not burn or irritate eyes
  • Can be used as a long term solution
  • The bottle has a line that reminds you to buy a new package

2 reasons NOT TO BUY Basch & Lomb ReNu MultiPlus contact lens solution

  • Worse cleaning ability
  • Some users say that this solution irritates their eyes

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Alcon Opti-Free Express - solution, 355 ml - review

Alcon Opti-Free Express-Solution

OPTI-FREE Express 355 ml
Alcon Opti-Free Express is a triple-cleaning,unique solution that creates a protective cover on the contact lens. It provides long-lasting comfort when wearing lenses. How does this solution work?

Proteins and fat particles are removed from the contact lenses first, then the lens is coated with a protein shield.

This solution can be used for disinfecting and rinsing all types of contact lenses. In cleaning the contact lenses, you need to gently rub them between your fingers. This is a very important cleaning step in which all unwanted deposits on the lenses are removed. This solution is suitable for washing the lenses.

The Alcon Opti-Free express solution is very favorably rated by the user , with only a few individuals experiencing adverse reactions such as burning or irritation.

Expiration:At least 22 months
Total volume:355 ml
Saline solution:No
Case volume:2 x 4.2 ml
Cases in a package:1
For soft lenses:Yes
For hard lenses:No
Weight:457 g
Preservatives:Polyquad, Aldox

Reasons to BUY Alcon Opti-Free Express contact lens solution

  • It cleans lenses well
  • No eye irritation
  • Can also be used for eye rinsing
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Good price & quality

Reasons NOT to buy Alcon Opti-Free Express contact lens solution

  • After a while, the eyes reddened and burned
  • After 6 hours the user felt the lens
  • Only suitable for soft lenses

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Solocare Aqua 360 ml with case - review

Solocare Aqua 360 ml with case

One of the most popular contact lens solutions is the Solocare Aqua , which is sold in a 360 ml bottle and package includes a practical case.

Solocare Aqua is a multipurpose contact lens solution that cleans and disinfects. You can also use it to clean the lenses whenever you need. If you put contact lenses in the solution overnight, it will moisture them well, so you can use them for the following day.

Some users may be surprised by the new type of cap that can't be tightened. This is not a mistake but has been designed so with purpose. Therefore, do not try to fully close the vial to avoid damaging the cap!

ExpirationAt least 16 months
Total volume360 ml
Saline solutionNo
Case volume10 ml
Cases in a package1
For soft lensesYes
For hard lensesNo
Weight482 g

5 Reasons to BUY Solocare Aqua 360 ml with Case

  • Perfectly cleans and moisturizes contact lenses
  • Includes a case for the contact lenses
  • A long-term solution that is suitable for every eye
  • Perfect for sensitive eyes
  • Suitable for any lenses – Solution cleans and softens lenses perfectly

2 reasons NOT to buy Solocare Aqua 360 ml with case

  • One user got an infection when he used this solution for the first time
  • You may get delivered an opaque bottle – can't see how much solution is left in the bottle

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Buyer's Guide – How to choose a contact lens solution?

If you want to wear contact lenses, the first step is choosing the right type of lens. If you have already chosen the right type of contact lenses for your eyes, the second step is to find a lens solution which helps you to clean your lenses and allows you to wear your contact lenses comfortably. You should choose a contact lens solution that cleans, disinfects and moistures your lenses after you take them out. A solution with this parameter – prevents irritation in the eyes which is causing fatigue and burning.

Just like contact lenses, your lens solution needs to be selected correctly. Some contact lens solutions may contain preservatives that are not recommended for more sensitive individuals. Other solutions are great for cleaning but don't moisture the lens enough. Therefore, we have prepared a short guide on how to choose the right solution for your eyes and your contact lenses.

If you just started to use contact lenses – the best thing to do is to consult your optician for the right solution. Not every solution is right for your eyes, also the majority of solutions are made for soft contact lenses. If you are experienced in wearing contact lenses, you can choose from our list of the best lens solutions.

The solution you buy should contain moisturizing ingredients, have the right pH level and an antibacterial pouch and be sure to check user ratings OR check our list of the best contact lens solutions (we already check the user reviews – so you don't have to)

What is a contact lens solution?

You may be wondering what exactly a contact lens solution is. So let's summarize some important information.

Usually, it is a saline solution that contains different ingredients. A solution typically includes substances meant for the safe disinfection of contact lenses, for cleaning, regenerating and moisturizing contact lens. Each type of solution may have a different amount of preservatives that may irritate the eyes of the more sensitive users. In general, the more preservatives the solution contains, the worse it is for sensitive eyes. Therefore, always pay attention to its composition and carefully read the information on the packaging or in the package leaflet.

How do you know that a particular solution is not suitable for you? You may experience eye burns, blurred vision, or you may find that the lenses are poorly cleaned.

What solution you should choose when your eyes are sensitive?

If you have already tried several solutions and found that they do not suit you and irritate your eyes, try the so-called ”peroxide solutions”. They do not contain any preservatives and are therefore suitable for sensitive individuals. However, using them is more difficult than regular solutions. If you clean the lens in a peroxide solution, you need to leave the lenses to soak for at least 6 hours. Otherwise, you can hurt your eyes from the remaining peroxide.

How about expiration time?

Another criterion to consider when choosing a contact lens solution is expiration time. In other words, the period of time that you can use this solution after opening the vial. Some solutions last only three months, others up to six.

If you use the solution after a specified period of time, it may cause health problems. The main reason is that the solution loses its properties over time and using it after the expiration time can make contact lenses difficult to clean or hydrate, or can even damage them.

Now you know what to look for when choosing a solution for contact lenses. We believe you will select a solution that will suit you the most. And perhaps it will be just one of the best-rated solutions for 2023  that we've reviewed for you.

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