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The feeling of dry eyes, burning, fatigue or the persistent idea of something being in your eyes. These are the feelings of every contact lens user and sometimes even the feelings of people who don't have a need to wear lenses or glasses. Our eyes are a very sensitive part of our body that is exposed to adverse environmental impact.
Best eye drops

Do you work in a smoky environment, air-conditioned office, or is a fan blowing on you for hours? Are you often exposed to the bright sun, white snow that’s reflecting the sun's rays, or is the wind blowing in your eyes? Do you work on a PC, or do you watch television at home after work? Are you a professional taxi or Uber driver?

These are all situations that we experience in everyday life, and our eyes are extremely depleted. No wonder we are tired of burning feeling, the feeling of sand in our eyes or even the dry eye syndrome . The solution to all these problems is eye drops .
Because there is a tremendous amount of brands and types on the market and not all are of great quality, we have prepared for you a list of the best eye drops of 2023 and created reviews for each of them..

Best eye drops of 2023 rated by users

Some people need intense moisturizing, some suffer from aggressive preservatives. Some use contact lenses and need eye drops that can drip directly on them. All this we kept in mind and prepared a list of the best eye drops of 2023.

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Alcon Systane UltraAlcon Systane Ultra 10 ml


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Max OptiFresh 10 mlMax OptiFresh 10ml


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OCUflash 2 × 10 mlOCUflash 2 × 10 ml


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Refresh 15 mlRefresh Eye Drops – 15 ml


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Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10mlHyabak 0.15% gtt. eye drops 10 ml


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Systane Ultra 10 ml, moisturizing eye drops - review

Alcon Systane Ultra 10 ml, moisturizing eye drops – review

Alcon Systane Ultra
Alcon SYSTANE Ultra are moisturizing eye drops that are gentle on the eyes. They relieve your eyes and help with dryness, irritation, burning, scratching and fatigue.

These eye drops are “replacing” tears and helping the eyes to moisturize themselves. Eye drops are creating “tear film”, which covers the eyes and keep them moisturized.

Drops contain preservatives that keep the vial content sterile. However, for more sensitive individuals, preservatives can be the cause of pain in the eyes.

The Alcon Systane Ultra moisturizing eye drops are gentle on the eye and you can also use them with contact lenses attached.

ExpirationAt least 17 months
Period after opening6 months
For use with lensesNo
Volume10 ml
Weight42 g
CategoryEye Drops

5 reasons to BUY Alcon Systane Ultra eye drops

  • Rated as the best of the best by contact lens users
  • Just one drop per night is enough
  • Can be used for up to 6 months after opening
  • The eyes are not tired and the drops are perfect for “dry eye syndrome”
  • Drops are more of a gel than drops, so they stay in the eye longer

2 reasons to NOT buy eye drops Alcon Systane Ultra

  • More expensive than other eye drops available on the market
  • One user experienced pain after application (sensitive eyes)

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Max OptiFresh - 10 ml, eye drops - Review

Max OptiFresh – 10ml – Review

Max OptiFresh 10 ml
Max OptiFresh eye drops are the perfect ”artificial tears”. Eye drops give your eyes the necessary hydration and pain relief. They can help you with several conditions which can cause pain like excessive heat, strong wind, air conditioning, eye irritation and fatigue from long work hours on the computer. It will replace your own tears and create a protective artificial film.

You can purchase Max OptiFresh Eye Drops at a pharmacy or online without a prescription. They give your eyes immediate relief and long-lasting comfort. You don't have to worry about dry eyes anymore. Just a few drops and your problem will be solved.

Expiration:At least 22 months
Period after opening:30 days
For use with lenses:Yes
Volume:10 ml
Weight:40 g
Category:Eye Drops

5 reasons to BUY eye drops Max OptiFresh

  • Great quality and fast relief for your eyes for a reasonable price
  • Works great even in dusty and air-conditioned environments
  • No eye irritation was experienced
  • Can be used even if you don't wear contact lenses

1 reason to NOT buy eye drops Max OptiFresh

  • It is necessary to use the drops within 30 days after opening (expiration date)

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OCUflash - 2 x 10 ml, eye drops - review

OCUflash eye drops – 2 x 10 ml

OCUflash 2 × 10 ml
Whether your eyes are irritated by contact lenses or some dirt has gotten into your eye – the OCUflash eye drops are a great first aid.

OCUflash drops can be used for not-infectious inflammatory, for disinfection of the eyes and for relieving irritated eyes. You can use them both to treat and soothe irritated eyes and to rinse. If dust, a splinter, etc. gets into your eye, you can use these eye drops to get an unwanted object out while disinfecting the eye to prevent possible inflammation.

OCUflash eye drops are used as a preventative and supportive treatment for noninfectious inflammations. BUT, it is always better to visit an ophthalmologist to treat any infections correctly. Even if you get other drops with antibiotics, you can use OCUflash to soothe your eyes.

Expiration:At least 18 months
Period after opening:28 days
For use with lenses:No
Volume:2 x 10 ml
Weight:59 g
Brand:Unimed Pharma
Category:Eye Drops

4 reasons to BUY eye drops OCUflash

  • Great for treating noninfectious eye inflammations
  • Can also be used for rinsing out the eye
  • Calms and disinfect the eyes
  • Doctors recommend it as a supportive treatment for blepharitis (eyelid infection)

There are no negative reviews for OCUflash

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Refresh - 15 ml, eye drops - review

Refresh Eye Drops – 15 ml – review

Refresh 15 ml
Only a few types of eye drops can be applied to your eyes when you wear contact lenses. Refresh Eye Drops are one of the few. This makes Refresh Eye Drops an absolute bestseller. These drops can be used in all seasons and any weather.

Refresh Eye Drops are known as “artificial tears”, which give your eyes the necessary moisture, soothe them and help relieve tired and irritated eyes. You don’t have to be a contact lens owner to appreciate these drops.. These eye drops can handle dust, pollen and other particles that can irritate your eyes.

Expiration:At least 10 months
Period after opening:60 days
For use with lenses:Yes
Volume:15 ml
Weight:49 g
Category:Eye Drops
Preservatives:Purite TM

5 Reasons to BUY Refresh Eye Drops

  • Perfect moisturizing effect – relieve dry eyes instantly
  • Quick help with so-called “haze” lenses
  • Great “artificial tears”
  • Practical package (15 ml), fits in your pocket
  • It is possible to apply them directly to your contact lenses

2 reasons to NOT buy eye drops Refresh

  • A little more expensive than the other drops
  • Shelf life after opening is 60 days

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Hyabak 0.15% gtt. - 10 ml, eye drops - review

Hyabak 0.15% gtt. eye drops 10 ml – review

Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml
Other great eye drops that provide immediate relief from irritation, burning, and especially from dry eyes are the Hyabak eye drops. These drops contain sodium hyaluronate and are free of preservatives. Despite the aforementioned drops, they have a long shelf time after opening. Unlike other eye dropswith a use time from 30 to 60 days – Hyabak 0.15% gtt. eye drops are good to use for up to 3 months after you open them for the first time.

You can also use these eye drops directly on contact lenses. Drops will moisturise and lubricate contact lenses as well.
If you are looking for immediate relief and you don't want eye drops that you will have to throw into the trash after a month – be sure to Hyabak eye drops a chance.

Expiration:At least 11 months
Period after opening:3 months
For use with lenses:Yes
Volume:10 ml
Weight:44 g
Brand:Laboratoires Thea
Category:Eye Drops

5 reasons to BUY Hyabak 0.15% gtt eye drops.

  • No preservatives
  • Shelf life of up to 3 months after opening
  • Provide immediate relief from dry eyes
  • You can drop directly on contact lenses
  • Perfect for sensitive eyes

1 reason to NOT buy Hyabak 0.15% gtt eye drops.

  • Higher price

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How to choose eye drops

You should choose eye drops based on the current issue that your eyes have. It is often a heavy eye strain, fatigue from day-to-day PC work or irritation and burning due to wearing contact lenses. Eyes are often exposed to air-conditioned offices or smoky environments that can irritate your eyes.
If you are a contact lens user and you want to use drops directly on your contact lenses – you must choose the eye drops which are made for this. Otherwise, you can damage your lenses.

We can distinguish different types of eye drops based on the problems you are experiencing:

  • Drops for moisturising your eyes
  • Drops for burning and pain in general
  • Drops for red-eye
  • Drops for eye fatigue
  • Drops for the so-called dry eye syndrome

When you are choosing the best eye drops for your needs, you need to take into account their overall quality (based on user reviews), long-lasting effects and, of course, their impact on your visual acuity. Be very careful in choosing eye drops with preservatives – some people experience irritation after use.
Some preservatives can cause allergic reactions. In some cases, they may even contribute to the creation of glaucoma. The best advice we can give is to choose eye drops that have the least amount of preservatives or those with none.

What are artificial tears?

If you are often experiencing dry eyes (with or without contact lenses), it is advisable to use the so-called “artificial tears”. Artificial tears are eye drops that can replace your tear protective function.

How to deal with red-eye?

If you are bothered with red eyes, decongestants are recommended. They eliminate redness by narrowing the blood vessels in the sclera. However, unless it is absolutely necessary, you should avoid eye drops with decongestants (since it is a pharmaceutical substance). They can help you with red-eye, but they may have side effects.

Narrowing the vessels results in dry eyes and subsequently irritation. The substances contained in the decongestants expand the pupil, causing light hypersensitivity, called photophobia. Moreover, their effect fades away if you are using them repeatedly.

If you decide to use eye drops for eye blushing, it is necessary to realize that this does not solve the problem, it only alleviates it.

Do eye drops help with allergies?

If you suffer from allergies to pollen, dust, etc., you are well aware of the unpleasant problems caused by your allergies. In addition to allergic rhinitis or coughing, they cause red-eye and itching. An allergy to pollen can even cause conjunctivitis.

In this case, the best solution is to buy eye drops containing antihistamines.

Which drops are suitable for eye infections?

If you suspect that your eye problem has been caused by infection, the best solution is to visit an ophthalmologist. In the case of milder difficulties, you can choose over-the-counter drops with an antiseptic effect.

Can eye drops be applied directly to my contact lenses?

Yes, but be careful. This does not apply for all types and brands. You can find this information on the packaging or inside on leaflet – if you are not sure, consult with your eye care professional.

All other eye drops should be applied at least 10 minutes before the contact lens is attached or removed from the eye.

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