Best Women’s Sunglasses of 2020 | REVIEWS AND BUYER’S GUIDE

Since the first day of spring, we have been looking for a day to find new sunglasses for the season 2023. Women tend to experiment more when choosing sunglasses than men and, of course, one must have different sunglasses for each different occasion and/or outfit.
Women's sunglasses
The trend in fashion accessories and sunglasses is always changing between modern and retro. There are many models of sunglasses with a distinctive frame design that will catch your eye at first sight – that is what you should look for when you are choosing your new sunglasses. Also, we need a pair for driving and sports activities – let's dig in.

The two main parameters you should look for are protection against UV rays and the quality of the materials and design.

Best Women's Sunglasses of 2023

Women's sunglasses provide a feminine perspective a seductive depth. They give the ability to hide the imperfections of one’s make-up and can act as a supplement that will brighten your clothes and catch the eye of passers-by.

A variety of virtual mirror applications and a description of their parameters can help you in choosing the best sunglasses for you. Pay attention to the width of the glasses and the width of the frame. Glasses must copy your face perfectly and shouldn’t easily slip down from your nose.

With all this in mind – we have read thousands of reviews and have prepared for you a set of the models that we think are the best. All the models we reviewed and tested have UV400.

Here are the best sunglasses of 2023:

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Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB3025 001/3F 55Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB3025 001/3F 55


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Polaroid PLD 4030/S Q3V/LA 55Polaroid PLD 4030/S Q3V/LA 55


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Polaroid PLD 4031S LWWIX 58Polaroid PLD 4031/S LWW/IX 58


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Ray-Ban Justin RB4165 710:13 55Ray-Ban Justin RB4165 710/13 55


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Ray-Ban Erika RB4171 86513 54Ray-Ban Erika RB4171 865/13 54


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Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB3025 001/3F 55 - review

Ray-Ban Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB3025 001/3F 55 – review

Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB3025 0013F 58

Fantastic glasses that have been worn for decades. The pilots are truly the only model that suits every face and the Ray-Ban brand is well known for manufacturing high-quality pilots. The metal frame of the sunglasses ensures their durability. The model is suitable both for formal and informal outfits. The neutral black frame and green glass combination fit the most outfits a modern woman can wear.

Pleasant and comfortable to wear. Even though the frames are metal, the glasses are light and do not hurt your nose. The glasses are wide enough to protect your eyes against UV rays coming from all different directions. The glasses are scratch-resistant.

They are offered at a good price and thanks to the timeless design, you won't be wrong to wear them in the coming years.

Frame shape:Pilot
Lens Permeability:Dark filter suitable for intensive sun rays — filter category 3
UV filter 400:Yes
Frame material:Metal
Lens material:Mineral glass
Width:130 mm
Temple length:135 mm
Bridge width:14 mm
Lens width:58 mm
Lens height:50 mm
Weight:55 g

9 reasons to BUY Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB3025 001/3F 55

  • High quality sunglasses
  • Iconic and timeless design
  • Dark enough for the bright sun
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Glasses are scratch resistant
  • Good for driving
  • Allows you to adjust your nose width
  • The glasses are large and wide enough to protect you from the sun from different angles
  • Metal frame, yet very light to wear

3 reasons to NOT buy Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB3025 001/3F 55

  • Fragile glasses, unsuitable for contact sports
  • Don't look good on bigger faces
  • Green glass looks more grayish

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Polaroid PLD 4030 / S Q3V / LA 55 - review

Polaroid PLD 4030 / S Women Sunglasses Q3V / LA 55 – Review

Polaroid PLD 4030:S Q3V:LA 55
Women's sunglasses with plastic frames and brown glasses have an interesting and playful frame design. The animal motif is original and the brown colour softens the curves of the face. Square-frame glasses will suit those who have a circular, heart-shaped or triangular face shape. For these types of faces, finding suitable glasses can be very problematic, but with the Polaroid PLD 4030 / S Q3V / LA 55, you won't have anything to regret.

You will appreciate polarized goggles when driving and playing various sports.

The glasses are wider on the nose, which most of the users appreciate. Those who have a narrow nose might have a problem because these sunglasses can't be adjusted. The sunglasses are comfortable to wear and provide protection from the sun and UV rays. They are slightly less dark than other models we reviewed and are therefore great for wearing them all day in the city.

Some disadvantages are that the animal motif is less noticeable, and from a distance, the glasses look as if they have monochrome, brown frames. Although the frames are plastic, the glasses are quite heavy.

Frame shape:Rectangle
Lens Permeability:Dark filter suitable for intensive sun rays — filter category 3
UV filter 400:Yes
Frame material:Plastic
Lens material:Plastic
Frame color:Brown
Lens color:Brown
Width:135 mm
Temple length:141 mm
Bridge width:19 mm
Lens width:55 mm
Lens height:42 mm
Weight:71 g

7 reasons to BUYS Polaroid PLD 4030 / S Q3V / LA 55

  • Great price
  • Polarization helps during driving and playing sports
  • Beautiful frames
  • The animal motif is original and fresh
  • High quality plastic frames
  • Wide enough to provide good sun protection
  • Light coloured glasses suitable for all day use

3 reasons to NOT buy Polaroid PLD 4030 / S Q3V / LA 55

  • Wider on the nose and not suitable for narrowed noses
  • Even though they are plastic, they are quite heavy
  • From far away the animal motif is less noticeable

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Polaroid PLD 4031 / S LWW / IX 58 - review

Women's Polaroid Sunglasses PLD 4031 / S LWW / IX 58 – review

Polaroid PLD 4031S LWWIX 58

Women's Polaroid sunglasses have become very popular. They possess an attractive “cat eyes” frame. The model has made good use of two benefits. Bold frames with the desired cat-eye shape combined with a neutral black frame and grey glass. By doing so, Polaroid created a model that attracts attention but is not extravagant. It has an original, interesting look, and you can wear them for both formal and informal occasions.

The thicker frames make the glasses easy to handle and wear. The darkening is suitable for everyday use. The glasses are durable and suitable for many sports activities. Polarized glasses offer a great vision. You can pull off Polaroid PLD 4031 / S women's sunglasses even if you have a smaller face.

The “cat-eye” design is a very hot trend right now and it fits best with square faces. The large size of the glasses, along with the shape of the glasses, guarantee protection from the sun's rays coming from all different angles.

Some disadvantages might be: the sunglasses are heavier and, after only a few hours of wearing, might cause pressure at the base of the nose. It is not possible to adjust their size in the nose area, but we are sure that an attractive price and great design will balance out the disadvantages.

Frame shape:Cat Eye
Lens Permeability:Dark filter suitable for intensive sun rays — filter category 3
UV filter 400:Yes
Frame material:Plastic
Lens material:Plastic
Frame color:Black
Lens color:Grey
Width:137 mm
Temple length:143 mm
Bridge width:16 mm
Lens width:58 mm
Lens height:49 mm
Weight:71 g

7 reasons to BUY Polaroid PLD 4031 / S LWW / IX 58

  • Good price
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Well manufactured
  • Glasses are durable against scratching
  • Great for Smaller Faces
  • Cat-eye frames are becoming very trendy
  • Big glasses are enough wide to provide quality sun protection

2 reasons to NOT buy Polaroid PLD 4031 / S LWW / IX 58

  • Quite heavy
  • You will notice them on your nose after a few hours of wearing them

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Ray-Ban Justin RB 4165 710/13 55 Women's Sunglasses - review

Women's Ray-Ban Sunglasses Justin RB 4165 710 – Review

Ray-Ban Justin RB4165 710:13 55
The popular wayfarer Ray-Ban frame has been modernized and modified from which the attractive and stylish Ray-Ban Justin RB 4165 710 goggles have been created. You will appreciate them when playing sports. They are very durable and can withstand several drops on the ground.

Ray-Ban Justin RB 4165 710 sunglasses are very lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear. They don't push and hurt your nose even after you’ve worn them all day. The darkening is excellent for all-day use in the city. The design is stylish and fresh. They fit very well on smaller faces, protecting them from the sun. These sunglasses are also great for in the car because they allow you to see through the window clearly.

These sunglasses have a few disadvantages: this model is not very suitable for formal clothes. In reality, the frames are much darker and the patterning is only visible under bright lights. The frames appear to be monochrome, dark brown. Also, the glass design is darker than the official photos.

Code:RB 4165 710/13 55
Frame shape:Square
Lens Permeability:Dark filter suitable for intensive sun rays — filter category 3
UV filter 400:Yes
Frame material:Plastic
Lens material:Plastic
Frame color:Brown
Lens color:Brown
Width:140 mm
Temple length:145 mm
Bridge width:16 mm
Lens width:55 mm
Lens height:41 mm
Weight:48 g

8 reasons to BUY Ray-Ban Justin RB 4165 710/13 55

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Great for sports
  • Stylish, contemporary look
  • Perfect for all day wear
  • Clear vision through glass
  • Crash resistant
  • Attractive frame pattern
  • Fit to a small faces

2 reasons to NOT buy Ray-Ban Justin RB 4165 710/13 55

  • The frame color does not match the photo, in fact it is much darker
  • Not suitable for formal clothes

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Women's Ray-Ban Sunglasses Erika RB 4171 865/13 54 - review

Ray-Ban Erika Women's Sunglasses RB 4171 865/13 54

Ray-Ban Erika RB4171 86513 54
One of Ray-Ban’s classic, undying designs. Despite the brown colour of the glasses, you can see clearly even in the evening. The sunglasses are light and very comfortable to wear all day. Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses are very durable and the design is sophisticated. They are made from hard plastic. These sunglasses are Unisex, so even your partner can wear them. The popular wayfarer model suits great to square, rectangular and oval faces. The model will also fit your face if you have the face shape of an inverted triangle.

Some advantages are: these sunglasses may be too wide for users with a narrow or smaller face. The sunglasses are only available in one size – M.

Code:RB 4171 865/13 54
Frame shape:Square
Lens Permeability:Dark filter suitable for intensive sun rays — filter category 3
UV filter 400:Yes
Frame material:Plastic
Lens material:Plastic
Frame color:Brown
Lens color:Brown
Width:141 mm
Temple length:145 mm
Bridge width:18 mm
Lens width:54 mm
Lens height:45 mm
Cleaning cloth:Yes
Weight:41 g

7 Reasons to BUY Women's Ray-Ban Sunglasses Erika RB 4171 865/13 54

  • Sophisticated and evergreen design
  • Great quality
  • Fits to almost any type of face
  • Good visibility through the sunglasses
  • Light-weight – comfortable to wear
  • Great Quality/Price ratio
  • Brown frames optically softens the face

2 reasons to NOT buy Ray-Ban Women’sSunglasses Erika RB 4171 865/13 54

  • May be too big for some users
  • Quite large frames

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How to choose women's sunglasses

Women choose sunglasses less carefully than men. Why? Because they need a lot more of them than men! They don't want to buy just one pair which will be universal for every occasion. Women want to experiment and combine. Playful style sunglasses with coloured lenses for a garden party. Distinctly dark sunglasses for sunbathing and/or light and less darkened sunglasses for driving. What is the best way to choose the few perfect pieces that will find a place in your wardrobe?

One Glasses, Two Functions

Women wearing diopter glasses during the day are often disappointed that they can't wear sunglasses on sunny days. But there is a solution for them as well. A wide range of sunglasses are available on the market, making it possible to use diopter glasses. When choosing sunglasses, make sure that you try the frames on your face. Sunglasses (especially diopter) must be comfortable for all-day use. If you opt for the diopter sunglasses, choose a neutral and timeless design. Bet on the proven darker colours of the trim, completed with the greyish lenses.
Pay attention to the frame material. When choosing the perfect sunglasses, keep in mind that the weight of the lens is not final. As soon as the diopter glass is attached to the frames, the sunglasses will become heavier.
The second option is to replace the diopter glass with contact lenses and have the ability to experiment with sunglasses as much as you’d like.

Fashion Trends in Sunglasses

The pilots' design sunglasses are one of the most popular sunglasses in the world. They have a truly timeless design that suits every face shape. Nowadays, fashion trends tend to be more obvious, having more noticeable shapes and larger sizes. You can also try them out. But the truth is that copying a fashion trend regardless of understanding your face shape is a bad move. The trend for 2023 is definitely “retro”.

Picking women's sunglasses by lens colour

The most commonly encountered sunglasses are grey, brown and green. That's because they don't distort colour perception. Some coloured glasses are not suitable for sports, others are helpful in sports. So, what should you choose?

Colour lenses that can be found on the market:

Grey lenses – do not distort colour perception.

Yellow lenses – help in low light conditions, increase contrast.

Brown lenses – provide better contrast and depth perception.

Blue lenses – suitable for winter sports.

Green lenses – help prevent eye fatigue.

Red lenses – do not distort colours.

Picking women's sunglasses, according to your face shape

Properly selected sunglasses can emphasize our faces and distinguish us. The idea of beauty is symmetry. With this in mind – when we are choosing sunglasses, we will try to get as close as possible to the oval face.

Square face needs to be slightly rounded. You have sharp features, distinctive cheekbones, wide jaws and an angular chin. Reach for contrast. Try to find oval or round shaped frames. Rounded frames soften the face.

Some lines need to be supported and highlighted for round faces . Square sunglasses will help you to do this. Even without rimmed goggles, round faces are just fine.

Triangular faces are characterized by having a wider face structure and a small chin. Be careful of bold edges. Choose sunglasses that attract attention to the lower part of your face. This can be done with sunglasses that are wider on the lower part.

The opposite can be applied to pear faces , which have a smaller forehead, but broad cheekbones. Pay attention here to the upper half of your face. “Cat-eye” sunglasses will suit you.

Ladies with an oval face have the greatest space for experimentation. They fit almost every frame shape.

Picking women's sunglasses according to useful features

Sunglasses can be complemented with anti-glare, mirror coating, a polarizing filter and self-colouring lenses. The anti-reflective coating can be applied to the back of the lens, improving your vision. The mirror layer is designed to reduce the intensity of the transmitted light. It works by bouncing back light away from the lens. You will fall in love with polarizing filter sunglasses. The polarizing filter only transmits one light wave to the eyes and eliminates all other light waves. Your vision through the sunglasses adjusted by the polarizing filter will be much clearer and sharper. The surrounding world is beautifully rendered. Coloured lenses are a smart solution if you use your sunglasses all day long.

Pick UV sunglasses by UV filter

You don't want to endanger your eyesight by exposing it to the harmful UV waves of the sun. A high-quality lens design means that the sunglasses provide effective protection against harmful UV radiation. Harmful radiation has a wavelength of 400 nm, so sunglasses that can protect us are equipped with a UV filter of 400. As a rule, the label is referred to as UV400 in the product description.

Women and Sunglasses

When a woman reaches for sunglasses, it doesn't have to be just to protect her eyes from sharp sunlight. Women can also use sunglasses in other situations:

  • when they don't want to make eye contact or they need to cover up their smeared mascara
  • if their eyes look tired from a lack of sleep
  • to hide their emotions
  • when they have a desire to hide from the world for a while

How not to wear women's sunglasses

Women sometimes forget that sunglasses are meant to provide protection from the sun. Sunglasses are not a headband that is supposed to hold their hair. As soon as you get to the party after ten p.m. and your sunglasses have set into your carefully blown hairstyle, you can be certain that many onlookers will be shaking their heads.

Sunglasses size selection rules:

  • The size of the sunglasses must copy your face
  • When looking straight, the edge of the sunglasses covers your temples ,
  • Sunglasses should emphasize your cheekbones, not hide them
  • Overall size of the lenses is important

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